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The Band

Vance Mizzi

The Mothers of Pearl-2018.jpg

Andy Scher


Lou Chagaris

The Mothers of Pearl is a high energy classic rock n’ roll band fueled by searing guitars, raw vocals and a pounding back beat. Their originals are a fresh take on early influences from a time when you danced to the beat and guitar solos mattered. Fueled by an endless list of classics featuring the Stones, Hendrix, the Beatles, Joe Cocker and the Black Crowes this band is good time rock n roll through and through.

Lead singer and Guitarist. Heavily influenced by: Greg Allman, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Keith Richards. 

Originally hailing from New York and playing since he's 13 yrs old. Vance grew up listening to his older brother's record collection from Aerosmith to Led Zeppelin. Upon  relocating to Southern California he  has remained a staple on the 

Hollywood  scene. 


Andy was raised on old school metal along with the classics. Playing with various bands on the Sunset Strip he hit Gold with XPELD. Selling 15,000 copies of their debut record the world over. An untimely and tragic death cut the band short. Today he pulls double duty playing in So-Cal Distortion a tribute to Social Distortion and rounds out the thunderous back beat to the Muthas!


Originally hailing from the East Coast with deep running classic rock roots. Lou relocated to Southern California. He played in many bands most notably “RACH”, which quickly became regular fixture on the Sunset Strip. Upon a chance meeting with Vance and collaborating on a side project in the South Bay” they became fast friends.

Years later the Mothers were in search of a loud aggressive drummer and knew exactly where to turn.

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